Tell your Representative: Support 100% Clean Energy!

The time to act on climate is now. Our climate and health depend on it.

A United States powered by 100 percent clean energy by 2050 is the goal of a new bill, called the "100% Clean Economy Act of 2019," that will soon be introduced in Congress by Representatives McEachin, Haaland, Dingell, Blumenauer, Tonko and Pingree.

Please ask your U.S. Representative to be an original cosponsor of this bill, which would:

  • Require net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide by 2050;
  • Replace dirty fossil fuels with wind, solar and other clean, safe sources of energy across all sectors of our economy;
  • Direct the federal agencies to develop plans and use existing authority to cut carbon pollution.

Use the template below to fashion your own message to your congresswoman or -man. For maximum impact, please personalize the message.


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