Keep Our Children Safe Against Leukemia 

Read our fact sheet on the Weymouth Compressor here and then sign the petition below.

Dear Governor Baker,

I would like to share with you my grave concerns about the health impact and emergency response hazards of the proposed gas compressor station in North Weymouth:

  1. Catastrophic Safety Risks: Fire, explosion and coastal flooding represent potentially catastrophic risks to this densely populated, low-income community with limited means of escape;
  2. Cancer: Cancer causing benzene and formaldehyde will be released from the compressor during normal operations every day and in still greater concentrations during maintenance operations. Benzene causes leukemia and lymphoma, including leukemia in children; formaldehyde causes leukemia and cancer of the nasal passages. Arsenic and coal ash will be released from the underlying heavily contaminated soil during construction of the facility. Arsenic causes skin, lung and bladder cancer;
  3. Injustice: Siting this facility in the most impoverished and environmentally degraded area between Boston and Plymouth is a fundamental injustice.

For all of these reasons, it is a bad idea to place a natural gas compressor station in North Weymouth. The compressor station is a danger to health, it is a danger to safety, and it is a danger to the sustainability of our communities.

I personally ask that you, Governor Baker, show leadership on this urgent health and safety issue. I urge you to protect the children of Massachusetts against leukemia, to protect our seniors against heart disease and cancer, and to protect all our citizens, our firefighters, our police officers and our first responders against the dangers of fire and explosion.

I personally urge you to not grant permits for this dangerous and polluting facility.


Physicians for Social Responsibility
1111 14th St NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005