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Thirty-three years ago, Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin hired its first executive director. This was made possible by three-year pledges by our members to a fund dedicated solely to the director’s salary.  The coordination provided by the executive director is essential to support the work of our chapter, which otherwise consists entirely of health care professionals, students, and concerned citizens volunteering their time and talents. Since it began, the Executive Director Fund has successfully raised the money each year to pay our director’s salary with many of our original donors supporting the fund over the entire 33 years. 

This fund supports the work and programming of PSR Wisconsin as well as the Wisconsin Environmental Health Network (WEHN). Click here to view our 2018 Activities Report that gives details of our work this year.

Thanks to the financial commitment of individuals like you, we are able to continue our public education and policy advocacy in these critical areas of nuclear weapon abolition and environmental health.

You can donate online for a ONE-time donation or a MONTHLY smaller donation. If it is easier, you are welcome to send a check to the PSR Wisconsin office: PSR Wisconsin, 4513 Vernon Blvd., Suite 106, Madison, WI  53705. Please make the payable to "PSR Wisconsin" and add "Executive Director Fund" in the memo line.

If you are interested in committing to a three-year pledge for the Executive Director fund, please call (608) 232-9945 or email at info@psrwisconsin.org.

Thank you for your support!

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