Chingari Trust Nutrition Program


Why in Bhopal?

Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Center, located in Bhopal, India, provides medical rehabilitation (PT, OT and speech therapy) and special education services to children born with birth defects, disabilities or facing threats to their lives from the pollution and contamination of their environment from the now defunct but never cleaned up Union Carbide India (UCIL) pesticide plant, the scene on December 2-3, 1984 of the world's largest industrial disaster.

History of the Chingari Nutrition Program (Chingari's School Lunch)

To improve nutrition and health of their students, Chingari Trust, with funds raised by Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin (PSR WI), U WI School of Medicine and Public Health students and 2011-2012 UW-Madison Field Term in India students, began a nutrition program in the spring of 2012 to provide a noon time meal to every student, every day at Chingari Trust. In 2014, thanks to the amazing energies of high school freshman, Megan Dogra, the University School Milwaukee's (USM) Global Scholars partnered with PSR WI to fund the Chingari Trust Nutrition Program. In 2017, Indian classical dancer and Oak Creek HS junior, Saloni Gupte, and Neil Dogra, freshman at USM, took charge of Assist Bhopal fundraising to expand our generous donor base to their families, peers and the greater Milwaukee Indian Diaspora.

What your generous donation helps us provide.

This nutrition program costs $12,000 each year to provide a mid-day meal for each of its 300 students, or about $40 per child/year child. Pledging $10/month or a little over 30 cents a day, will give a nutritious meal every day to three Chingari students, sometimes the only full meal these children have each day.

You can donate online for a ONE-time donation or a MONTHLY smaller donation. If it is easier, you are welcome to send a check to the PSR Wisconsin office. Please make the payable to "PSR Wisconsin" and add "Chingari Trust" in the memo line.

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Thank you for your support!

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