Scrapping the Clean Power Plan costs us lives

Repealing the Clean Power Plan ignores scientific research documenting the serious health consequences of climate change and exposure to dirty air and will result in preventable deaths and acute illnesses across the U.S. Urge EPA Administrator Pruitt to abandon his plan to repeal the Clean Power Plan and instead side with the public’s health.

Note: For maximum impact, please use this sample language to compose your own message to the U.S. EPA.

  • As a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility, I strongly urge you NOT to repeal the Clean Power Plan.
  • Improved air quality fostered by the CPP will, by 2030, result annually in 3,600 fewer premature deaths and will avert 90,000 child asthma attacks.
  • The health benefits of acting to mitigate climate change are substantial.
  • Our most vulnerable--children, the poor and the elderly--are at greatest risk from climate change health impacts.
  • Intense heat, storms, droughts and other climate-related changes are already threatening the health of communities across the country as evidenced by the hurricanes and wildfires seen this past fall which ravaged parts of the U.S.


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Environmental Protection Agency
Administrator Scott Pruitt
Dear Administrator Pruitt,